Bộ lập trình PM857K02

Bộ lập trình PM857K02

Thông số kỹ thuật Abb PM857K02

  • Article number 3BSE088386R1 (PM857K02)
    Redundancy Yes
    High Integrity Yes
    Clock Frequency 96 Mhz
    Performance, 1000 boolean operations 0.17 ms
    Performance 0.17 ms
    Memory 32 MB
    RAM available for application 22.184 MB
    Flash memory for storage No
  • Detailed data
    Processor type MPC866
    Switch over time in red. conf. Max 10 ms
    No. of applications per controller 32
    No. of programs per application 64
    No. of diagrams per application 128
    No. of tasks per controller 32
    Number of different cycle times 32
    Cycle time per application programs 10 ms
    Flash PROM for firmware storage 18 MB
    Power supply 24 V DC (19.2-30 V DC)
    Power consumption +24 V typ/max 210 / 360 mA
    Power dissipation typ. 5.1 W (8.6 W max)
    Redundant power supply status input Yes
    Built-in back-up battery Lithium, 3.6 V
    Clock synchronization 1 ms between AC 800M controllers by CNCP protocol
    Event queue in controller per OPC client Up to 3000 events
    AC 800M transm. speed to OPC server 36-86 events/sec ,113-143 data messages/sec
    Comm. modules on CEX bus 12
    Supply current on CEX bus Max 2.4 A
    I/O clusters on Modulebus with non-red. CPU 1 electrical, 7 optical
    I/O clusters on Modulebus with red. CPU 0 eletrical + 7 optical
    I/O capacity on Modulebus Max 96 (single PM857) or 84 (red. PM857) I/O modules Max 128 I/O signals in total
    Modulebus scan rate 0 – 100 ms (actual time depending on number of I/O modules)
    Supply current on Electrical Modulebus 24 V : max 1.0 A
    5 V : max 1.5 A
    Ethernet channels 2
    Ethernet interface Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), 10 Mbit/s, RJ-45, female (8-pole)
    Control Network protocol MMS (Manufacturing Message Service) and IAC (Inter Application Communication)
    Recommended Control Network backbone 100 Mbit/s switched Ethernet
    Real-time clock stability 100 ppm (approx. 1 h/year)
    RS-232C interface 2 (one general, 1 for service tool)
    RS-232C interface (COM3) (non red. only) RS-232C, 75-19 200 baud, RJ-45 female (8-pole), not opto isolated, full RTS-CTS support
    RS-232C interface (COM4) (non red. only) RS-232C, 9 600 baud, RJ-45 female (8-pole), opto isolated, no RTS-CTS support

ABB PFSK111 5735175-C
ABB PFSK111 5735175-C
ABB PFSK163 3BSE016323R3
ABB PFUK104 YM110001-SD
ABB PFUK104 YM110002-SD
ABB PFUK105 YM110001-SF
ABB PFUK108 YM110001-SH
ABB PHARPS62200000
ABB PM A324 BE HIEE400923R0001
ABB PM150V08
ABB PM151 3BSE003642R1
ABB PM152 3BSE003643R1
ABB PM153 3BSE003644R1
ABB PM154 3BSE003645R1
ABB PM253V01
ABB PM511V16 3BSE011181R1
ABB  SD821(3BSC610037R1) ADV551-P50 AAT145-S50 ALR121-S50 AAI543-S50
ADV151-P50 AAR145-S50 FBM219
FBM206 FBM207B FBM201FBM207C FBM202 FBM203 FBM224
FBM242 FCM10E FBMSVH P0914XB0 SDCS-CON-4 3ADT313900R1001
086349-002 086329-003 136703-01 PR9350/02
DO3401 3300/16 3300/20 IC200CPUE05 IC200GBI001 IC200GBI001
AI880APM857K01 IC695PNC001 CC-PAIH02 51405038-375 SB822 3BSE018172R1
PM857K02 IC695LRE001C CC-PAIM01 51405046-175 TB820V2 3BSE013208R1
PM858K01 IC695HSC304 CC-PAOH01 51405039-175 1762-L40AWA
PM858K02 IC695ETM100 CC-PAON01 51410070-175 2711P-T9W21D8S
PM860AK01 IC695ETM00 CC-PCF901 51405047-175 T8431C DI814
AINT-02C 64715810 51201397-002 4010X1-BF1 DI811
AM-SA85-002 51204042-100 12P0631X012 DI810
Mô đun AO801 51304260-200 330106-05-30-10-02-CN DI803
Mô đun AO810 3BSE008522R1 51304487-100 PU515A 3BSE032401R1
Mô đun DI802
Mô đun AO810V2 51309542-175 3BSE017193R1 NDCO-03
Mô đun DI801

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