ABB 266HSH-V-K-B-B-1-E1-L1-C1-H3

ABB 266HSH-V-K-B-B-1-E1-L1-C1-H3

Thông số kỹ thuật ABB ABB 266HSH-V-K-B-B-1-E1-L1-C1-H3


Base Model 266HSH Gauge Pressure Transmitter – BASE ACCURACY 0.06 %
Sensor – Span Limits V 600 and 60000 kPa 6 and 600 bar 87 and 8700 psi
Diaphragm Material/Fill Fluid (wetted parts) K Hastelloy C-276™ Silicone oil NACE
Process connection (wetted parts) B AISI 316 L ss 1/2 – 14 NPT-f female NACE
Housing material and electrical connection B Aluminium alloy (barrel version) M20 x 1.5 (CM 20)
Output/Additional options 1 HART digital communication and 4 to 20 mA Options requested by “Additional ordering code”1
Hazardous area certifications E1 ATEX Intrinsic Safety II 1 G and II 1/2 G Ex ia IIC T6; II 1 D Ex iaD 20 T 95 °C and II 1/2D Ex iaD 21 T95 °C
Integral LCD L1 Digital LCD integral display
Certificates (up to 2 different selections allowed) C1 Inspection certificate EN 10204–3.1 of calibration (9-point)
Material traceability H3 Inspection certificate EN 10204–3.1 of process wetted parts

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